One Transformative Week

A sleep-away camp in New York State on July 14-20, 2024, led by social psychologist and educator Dr. Ansley W. LaMar. SuperKidz Kamp helps to create happy, healthy, and independent young leaders.

Build Confidence

Build Character

Build Compassion

Today's youngsters experience negative peer pressure, anxiety and depression, and an overreliance on social media. But that's not the whole story. 

All children are gifted and talented.

Sometimes all they need is a transformative week in a purposeful community to become the leader they were born to be.

Does it sound far fetched? Maybe. But it's the experience our founder had, and one he's recreated for hundreds of students over the the camp's 27-year history. Learn more about our inspiration and history here.

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Ages: 9 to 17

Camp Dates: July 14 to 20

Welcome to SuperKidz Kamp

Our camp offers a 7 day fun-filled, sleep away camping experience. It offers challenging activities, cooperative games and time for reflection to help develop the leadership capabilities of 9 to 17 year olds.

At camp, campers have a wonderful time making new friends, developing important life skills, and develop their minds, bodies, and spirits. We help to prepare them to deal more effectively with the negative influences that they will undoubtedly be exposed to in the days, months, or years ahead. 

At SuperKidz Kamp, we immerse campers in a program designed to foster a positive peer culture. Then we use a variety of enjoyable and engaging games, initiatives, and challenges to teach our campers the skills necessary to be effective leaders, first-rate team members, and responsible and productive members of society.

Develop your child's ability to be a leader

SuperKidz Kamp is an educationally sound summer camp experience led by psychologist and educator Dr. Ansley W. LaMar. It's designed to help your child identify, develop and strengthen the social and emotional skills s/he will need to be a good leader and effective team member. Learn more here.