Dedicated to the belief that all children are gifted talented, SuperKidz Kamp was created in 1997 to provide children and teens with learning experiences that would stimulate their social, emotional, and intellectual growth while making sure they made good friends and had a good time.

SuperKidz Kamp began in 1997, but the seed for it was planted in 1961, the year my mother and minister forced me to go to camp Westminster of the Presbyterian Conference Association. I had gone to camps the previous two summers and had a miserable time. The first summer, I got into a fight everyday. The second summer was a little better; however, I got into a fight every other day. After that, I was fed up with camps.

My mother and Reverend Davidson, in their wisdom, vetoed my plan for the following summer, which was to hang out in the Soundview Classon Point projects with my buddies. Instead, they decided to send me to Camp Westminster. I went reluctantly and with the expressed purpose of raising so much hell that I would be sent home the same day.

Fortunately, that plan did not work because I did not have time to implement it. Everything about Camp Westminster seemed different from my previous experiences. I later learned that there was one main difference; Camp Westminster provided an environment that was physically and emotionally safe. Not only didn’t I have to worry about getting into fights, for the first time in my life, I felt I could be myself and more importantly, I was liked for being myself. That one week at Camp Westminster was a major changing point in my life, and I cried like a baby when it was time to go home.

I went back as a camper for six more years, became one of their more popular counselors for another six, and twice directed one of their camp programs. In addition, I met my three oldest friends and my best man at Camp Westminster.

After those experiences, I wanted to start a camp that would help young people develop authentic friendships, realize their potential, and value themselves. So, in 1997 I created SuperKidz Kamp.