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SuperKidz Offers Leadership Development Summer Camp Activities that are Fun, Engaging and Meaningful

Welcome to SuperKidz Kamp:

A Summer Leadership Development Camp

Dedicated to the belief that all children are gifted and talented, SuperKidz Kamp is a 7-day fun-filled, sleep away camping experience. Our camp offers challenging activities, cooperative games, and time for reflection to help develop the leadership capabilities of 9 to 17-year-olds. 

We strive to create a strong positive peer culture throughout the camp, allowing our campers to learn the social, emotional, and behavioral skills needed to be effective leaders. 

Our director wanted to start a summer camp program that would help young people develop authentic friendships, realize their potential, and value themselves. So, in 1997, he created SuperKidz Kamp. Learn more about the camp’s history.

Meet Our Camp Director

SuperKidz Kamp is led by Director Dr. Ansley W. LaMar, who holds a doctorate in Social Psychology, and is the founder and president of LaMar Educational Enterprises, LLC. He is a retired Professor of Psychology and the former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at New Jersey City University.

Dr. LaMar has chaired the Psychology Department, directed the University’s Educational Opportunity Fund, managed summer residential camps, and designed and implemented enrichment programs for pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults. He has also authored Helping Your Child Become a Leader: Tips and techniques from the world of Positive Psychology.

An award-winning public speaker, Dr. LaMar has presented workshops on enhancing self-esteem, conflict resolution, and the achievement of academic excellence. He likes to teach what he has learned during his studies of psychology to his campers.

Dr. LaMar believes that a good camp needs to be a place (where in addition to having fun), campers are making new friends, developing important life skills, and having their minds, bodies, and spirits developed. The goal is to prepare them to deal more effectively with the negative influences that they will undoubtedly be exposed to in the days, months, or years ahead. 

At SuperKidz Kamp, we address these issues by immersing the camper in a program designed to foster a positive peer culture. Then we use a variety of enjoyable and engaging games, initiatives, and challenges to teach our campers the skills necessary to be effective leaders, first-rate team members, and responsible and productive members of society.

Develop Your Child’s Ability to be a Leader with Educational Summer Camp Activities

Today's youngsters experience negative peer pressure, anxiety and depression, and an overreliance on social media. At SuperKidz Kamp, we provide a sleep away summer camp experience that helps to create happy, healthy, and independent young leaders who have confidence, character, and compassion.

SuperKidz Kamp is an educationally sound summer camp experience. It's designed to help your child identify, develop, and strengthen the social and emotional skills that they will need to be a good leader and effective team member.

Allow your child to take a break from technology and social media and just be one with nature while hanging out with friends in real life, not just those over the internet. Sometimes teens forget how to interact in person and rely on their phones as their preferred way to communicate. Summer camp allows teens to meet new people and find new ways to connect. In fact, establishing new friendships is one of our core takeaways from this camp experience.

Teen leaders will also be taught productive ways to deal with conflict so that disagreements are dealt with in a positive manner. They will learn the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. Kids will also learn how to articulate and defend their core values, as well as useful problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will be helpful when they go back to school. In fact, they will carry many of these lessons into adulthood.

Some cooking skills, chores, and little things like setting the table properly have been known to really wow parents long after the camp experience is over. Find out more about what your child will learn at camp.


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