SuperKidz Kamp 


Educational Summer Camp Activities for Kids


SuperKidz Kamp has educational summer camp activities for kids designed to develop young leaders by building confidence, character, and compassion. We do this by providing our campers with a safe, enjoyable, and engaging residential camp experience that will stimulate them to grow personally, socially, and intellectually, while ensuring that they have a good time and make new friends.

At SuperKidz Kamp, we help our campers learn the social, emotional, and behavioral skills needed to be effective leaders. We do this by introducing them to role models who will encourage them, inviting them to participate in structured and challenging activities that develop their self-confidence, and creating a strong positive peer culture throughout the camp.

From our opening orientation to our closing ceremony, our program is structured to create positive peer groups that support the development of the skills, values, and personal qualities needed to help kids resist negative social influences and to become successful leaders and first-rate team members.

Summer Camp Outdoor Activities

summer camp outdoor activities canoeing on the lake

There’s so much to do outdoors here at SuperKidz Kamp! On the first day, the campers are split up into treasure hunt groups. Throughout the week, these teams will compete with one another through challenges and puzzles that will develop their teamwork and problem solving skills.

Kids can enjoy swimming, canoeing, lake games, and other fun activities like splashing their friends and counselors. They will also enjoy our nature hikes and midnight hikes.

Campers can also:

What hot summer day wouldn’t be complete without water fights with Super Soakers? Campers can make alliances with friends to cool down from the heat and make camp a blast. Kids, try not to gang up on our cool director, who will likely have his own Super Soaker to join in on the fun!

In addition to fun-filled activities, we also teach important skills for the outdoors. Campers will learn meal preparation and basic camping skills like how to start a fire and read a map.

Summer Camp Indoor Activities

Not all of the fun happens outside! We have many fun things to do even when stuck indoors on a rainy day! Campers love drawing, crafts, and art. You’ll be amazed by the masterpieces your kids will create while at camp. 

We also play a variety of educational and silly games. In Blink, one camper stands in the middle of the circle while the campers in chairs make eye contact with one another to switch places and scramble to find a seat. In Cooperative Musical Chairs, the chairs are removed but no camper is out!

If bad weather brings us inside, we can still have fun:

What’s a better way to resolve conflicts than by having a positive peace of mind? We offer Yoga workshops, meditation, and trust activities to gain better teamwork and understanding of one another.

Bring out your children’s musical side. Our drum workshop is another camp favorite! 

Exercise their body and minds with a pre-breakfast workout and an evening educational game of Historical Trivia. Did we mention food? Campers will learn to make all types of delicious treats, including macaroni and cheese, tacos, jamboree stew, homemade pizza, and apple crisps. Don’t let your camper tell you they don’t know how to cook by the end of the week!

Find out what other skills your child will learn at camp.

You don’t want your child to miss out on all of these amazing summer camp activities for kids. Enroll today for Summer 2024.