At SuperKidz Kamp, we create young leaders who have confidence, character, and compassion.

Seeking Counselors

SuperKidz Kamp is seeking  enthusiastic, highly motivated, college students who would enjoy being counselor/team leaders at a unique summer sleep-away program, SUPERKIDZ KAMP.

SUPERKIDZ KAMP is a 7-day activity-rich sleep-away program designed to strengthen the leadership and team participation skills and personal disposition of 9-to 17-year-olds while ensuring that they have an experience that is safe, meaningful and fun. To learn more about our camp, please explore this site.

Being a counselor/team leader is challenging. Counselor/team leaders are expected to supervise campers, conduct mini-workshops, lead camp-related activities, and ensure the safety of the campers while being their counselor, confidante, and friend.

Being a counselor/team leader is also rewarding. Counselor/team leaders will learn leadership and team development skills, conflict resolution “strategies,” and Neurolinguistic programming techniques. They may also be able to receive college credit. But more important than the above is the personal growth you will experience and the opportunity you will have to make a difference in the lives of the SUPERKIDZ KAMPERS.

So, if you are interested in a weeklong summer experience that will be challenging, meaningful, rewarding, and fun, please visit the application form and apply.