Benefits of Summer Camp at SuperKidz

We are a Teen Leadership Summer Camp 

What are some of the benefits of summer camp at SuperKidz Kamp? Your teens will learn leadership and core values that will last a lifetime. 

SuperKidz Kamp Teen Leadership Program Builds Friendships 

Conflicts can occur for a variety of reasons when so many people with different opinions and ideas come together. Whether it's personality conflicts or differences of opinion about camp rules or structure, we teach effective ways to communicate and resolve those issues. These are important skills to have not only for camp but also out in the real world. We want to help build these skills in your child/teen.

Establishing Friendships: At SuperKidz Kamp, we value our campers’ friendships and strive to help them develop the skills necessary to build authentic relationships. We want to build friendships that will last a lifetime. We don’t want anyone to feel left out or ostracized by the group. Instead, we nurture strong relationships and make everyone feel like they belong.

Effective Communication: Throughout the week, campers are introduced to the basic principles of effective communication and given numerous opportunities to apply their knowledge. We will help campers feel comfortable opening up and expressing themselves about what they need and how they are feeling.

Conflict Resolution: At SuperKidz Kamp, we focus on showing our campers how to effectively manage conflict situations so that the outcome is creative rather than destructive. Everyone wants to know that their side of the story is heard and they are being valued. Campers learn that the key to conflict resolution is listening. 

Smart Leadership:
Everyone will be a leader somewhere. At SuperKidz Kamp we teach the basic skills of effective leadership: being self-aware, being able to regulate one’s emotions, being able to empathize with others, and being able to communicate and connect with people who differ. In essence, we focus on developing the emotional intelligence of each of our campers.

benefits of summer camp three girls making friends
teen leadership summer camp two girls hugging by water


Critical Thinking/Problem Solving: SuperKidz Kamp is designed so that campers are required to think critically and solve problems every day and to see the outcome of their efforts.

Goal Setting and Achievement: At SuperKidz Kamp, campers are taught how to set goals, how to make plans to achieve those goals, and how to apply these skills to everyday tasks.

Values Clarification: At SuperKidz Kamp, campers are encouraged to become aware of and develop values that will help them resist negative peer pressure.

Summer Camp Benefits Include Meal Prep & Camping Skills

Meal Preparation: An important part of the SuperKidz Kamp experience is the “soup to nuts” of meal preparation. By preparing meals for the camp community, campers also learn the importance of teamwork and cooperation. 

Cooking may not seem like the most important skill while camping, but it’s definitely useful. After all, everybody has to eat! We’ll show our kids proper food handling and preparation and how to cook over an open fire.

Outdoor Camping Skills: At SuperKidz Kamp, campers are taught basic outdoor living skills. Learning these skills increases the campers’ appreciation of nature and their own resources.

benefits of summer camp for teens campers cooking over an open fire

Some important camping lessons your child will learn:

Animal and Plant Recognition: Every camper should have a basic knowledge of animals and plant species found in the area where they will be camping. This information is not only helpful if hunting for food, but it’s also good to be aware of potential dangers lurking in the woods. It’s not just bears and other wildlife you need to look out for. Some flowers or leaves might be so poisonous that it could be dangerous to eat or even touch them.

How to Build a Fire: Building a campfire safely might seem easy, but it does require proper skills and practice. You’re not going to want to camp without a fire going. It’s not just a good way to stay warm, it also provides a source of light and a way to cook food.

Survival Skills: Survival skills are a key element when out in the wilderness. Knowing what to do will help you feel more prepared and safe, even if you encounter an unexpected storm or animal. Survival skills take time to master because they’re a combination of physical and mental strength, as well as knowledge of your surroundings, logical problem-solving, and general first aid. 

Proper Planning: Planning is an important skill in many facets of life, especially when thinking about going camping. Being armed with the proper equipment and knowledge keeps everyone safe and you’ll have a much better experience. However, planning is not just about what to bring — it also involves carefully considering the abilities of all of the campers and making the necessary adjustments. We prepare campers to make it safely to their destination without mishap or injury! 

Knowing & Using Their Tools: Dedicated to the belief that all children are gifted and talented, we believe that all of our campers have untapped resources. At SuperKidz Kamp we create opportunities for our campers to uncover and use these newly discovered gifts. 

There are so many benefits of summer camp here at SuperKidz Kamp. Read more about what your child will learn in our Letter to Parents. Don’t miss out on enrollment for Summer 2023.