Thank you for considering SuperKidz Kamp, a summer camp program dedicated to developing young leaders with confidence, character, and compassion. While I believe a camp should be fun, given the challenges our children are facing and the further challenges they will face as adults, I think a camp should be much more.

A good camp needs to be a place, where in addition to having fun; campers are making new friends, developing important life skills and having their minds, bodies and spirits developed, in  a manner that will prepare them to deal more effectively with the negative influences that they will undoubtedly be exposed to in the days, months, or years ahead. If you read the papers, listen to the news, or have had an opportunity to walk through the corridors and classrooms of too many of our schools you know what I mean

At SuperKidz Kamp, we address these issues by immersing the camper in a program designed to foster a positive peer culture. Then we use a variety of enjoyable and engaging games, initiatives and challenges to teach our campers the skills necessary to be effective leaders, first-rate team members, and responsible and productive members of society.

I have been really gratified by the success of our program. And while I must say that the results will vary, we have had young people who did not want to come ask, by the end of the week, whether they might become counselors-in-training. Other campers have dramatically improved their academic performance. And more than one mother’s jaw has dropped when upon returning home from camp her son has volunteered to help her with the housework.

Just recently, one of our younger campers told his guardian to let him finish setting the table by himself because he’d learned how to do it at SuperKidz Kamp. This small request meant a lot to us, and to her.  It not only demonstrated that this child had learned a skill, it also showed that he had absorbed a helpful attitude. And that he had taken a significant step toward being an independent, responsible, assertive young man with faith in his ability.

I believe that as parents this is the way we want our children to develop. I hope you will let me help you achieve this goal by sending your child to SuperKidz Kamp.

Ansley “Doc” LaMar
Founder/Director SuperKidz Kamp