Establishing Friendships: At SuperKidz Kamp, we value our campers’ friendships and strive to help them develop the skills necessary to build authentic relationships.

Effective Communication: Throughout the week, campers are introduced to the basic principles of effective communication and given numerous opportunities to apply their knowledge.


Conflict Resolution: At SuperKidz Kamp, we focus is on showing our campers how to effectively manage conflict situations so that the outcome is creative rather than destructive.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving: SuperKidz Kamp is designed so that campers are required to think critically and solve problems every day and to see the outcome of their efforts.

Goal Setting and Achievement: At SuperKidz Kamp, campers are taught how to set goals, how to make plans to achieve those goals, and how to apply these skills towards everyday tasks..

Values Clarification: At SuperKidz Kamp, campers are encouraged to become aware of and develop values that will help them resist negative peer pressure.

Meal Preparation: An important part of the SuperKidz Kamp experience is the “soup to nuts” of meal preparation. By preparing meals for the camp community, campers also learn the importance of teamwork and cooperation.


.Outdoor Camping Skills: At SuperKidz Kamp, campers are taught basic outdoor living skills. Learning these skills increases the campers’ appreciation of nature and their own resources